About Vionc

The first methods of road transport were horses, oxen or even humans carrying goods.

VIONC is a global transportation blockchain project which aims to solution land freight transportation problems. It aims to reduce fees of transportation chain platforms and easy to accessible. This innovative system is providing for interested parties to reach each other directly, for saving time, energy and most important – financial resources.

VIONC Token Details

Name of Cryptocurrency: VIONC

Ticker symbol: VNC

Total token supply: 38,000,000 VNC

VIONC token type: ERC20

Distribution method by airdrop.

Contract Address: 0x06a336b88d72f471bb54438c42ecb1f9f3cf7df7

Token Symbol: VNC

Decimals: 8

Platform Advantages

Security of Blockchain

Multi-stage verification of carriers and cooperation with certified companies.

GPS Tracking

Tracking your goods location.

Integrated Tools

Greater efficiency and automation of the order handling process.

Minimal empty runs

You profit more via return loads and added loads.

Faster payments

Blockchain and document circulation allow for shortening the time you wait for payment.

Quick order management

Automatic generation of orders for each transaction.


Our proposal is to build a blockchain transportation chain platform for the 21st century. When connecting the transportation sector and cryptographic infrastructure, a lot of room will open for business process optimization, as well as more transparent and efficient functioning of the industries based on the financial data.

Airdrops are now closed!


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